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SMED-2 JOSM plugin for mapping seamark tags with a GUI panel.

SMED-2 is the successor of SMED (SeaMapEDitor).


This editor will provide the means to tag all of the OpenSeaMap S57-based objects, relieving the mapper from the need to learn all the tags and valid values. It will incorporate the OpenSeaMap renderer, which will display the actual map renderings as an imagery layer in the JOSM map display panel, replacing the existing MapPaint style. It will eventually provide the means to import and export ENC files as well as the standard OSM files.

Most objects listed in the S-100 registry will be editable, whether on nodes, ways or relations (principally multipolygons).



In this illustration, the top line (OSM input, Editor, OSM output) represents JOSM together with the SMED2 plugin.

The S57 translation blocks convert OSM data (and eventually S57 ENC data) to/from an internal binary model that is compatible with both OSM structures and the S57 chain-node model used by ENC.

The binary data model provides the inputs to both SMED2 and the renderer.

The renderer will provide the core engine for applications besides JOSM, principally our map tile generator, but also could be used in other applications, such as chart plotters.

The renderer's output is sent to the host display (the imagery layer in JOSM or an actual screen when the renderer is used in a chart-plotter application). In the Seamark layer rendering application, PNG tiles will be output.





New OK Remarks
Buoys and Beacons Similar to SMED-1
Lights Similar to SMED-1, without landmarks, added by specifics of physical structure of lights
Harbours Replace and expand the harbour preset
Landmarks Similar to landmarks part of SMED-1 tab lights
Waterways Replace and expand the waterway preset
Inland marks Replace and expand the iENC preset (CEVNI)
Scuba Diving Replace the ScubaDiving-preset
Canoeing Replace the canoeing part of the Watersport-preset
Help overall help (Wiki), added by context specific help (Wiki)
About Version, credits, donation


SMED needs to represent users thoughts.

We need all water sport specific objects and attributes. Additionally to the shortened S-57 objects, which in future/now will be expanded by the S-100 objects.

The user would like to set a "lighthouse". In the users meaning this is a building or an other structure with a nautical light on it (but not a buoy or beacon). So he needs the possibility to describe the light character, and the structure and shape of landmark as well.
Additional things like radar, AIS, radio, etc. the users will search in "lights" too.
Storm warning lights the users will search in "lights" too.
The user would like to set a "landmark". In the users meaning this is a building or an other structure with a nautical relevance as landmark. So he needs the possibility to describe the structure and shape of the landmark, and the function as well.
High buildings often are used to carry lights, and some radio features (aviation, telecommunication, radar, television, etc).
Here we need specific things like harbour master, customs, sailing club, fuel station, ship crane, slipway, traveller lift, shipyard, ship chandler, sail maker, "Trockenliegeplatz", ship storage building, etc. which not all is represented in S-57/S-100.
Also common things like toilet, shower, drinking water, bakery, supermarket, restaurant, pub, disco, etc.
And we need a link to SkipperGuide, so the user can add and edit the harbour description in the Wiki directly.
We need also all around ferry stations.
And of course all about industrial harbours (container crane, container area, etc).
Canoeists needs all which is now in the preset.
They need also camping place, picnic and fire place, canoeing club, canoe rent station, etc.
Scuba Diving
Divers needs all which is now in the ScubaDiving-preset


Old SMED is added by JOSM-Presets. They are also used in the transition peroiod to SMED-2. Later the presets will be integrated in SMED-2.

Scuba Diving

Maintainer: Inger

2014 New preset for scuba_diving stuff


Designed: Markus. We need a Maintainer for.

Approved preset for all the whitewater stuff


The preset "Watersport" contains the well designed Canoeing-Preset for all the whitewater stuff.

The other wathersport classes are not very useful and need a redesign.