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Where to find help


  1. for devices: read the included documentation (e.g. for the depth logger)
    or the detailed wiki documentation linked in the doc.
  2. for mapping: read the OSM wiki
    there you can find detailed explanations for each object
    use the "search" in the wiki (sometimes the English term helps)
    or read the OSM forum
  3. for questions about OpenSeaMap: read the OpenSeaMap-Forum
    use the "search" in the forum (sometimes the english term helps)
  4. if you get stuck: ask a search engine
    additionally enter "OpenSeaMap" or "OSM" (OpenStreetMap) as search term


Authorities, organizations and companies please contact directly the contact address given on the website.


Please direct press inquiries to the contact address listed on the website.

Public Relations

Website is the showcase to the world.
We show the latest news there, an example of how to embed the map in the website, and link to lots of related information.

Full screen map

fullscreen chart is the skipper's working platform on the web.
Here the skipper can find the nautical chart, the land map, an aerial view, the weather map with weather forecast, a sea profile and an altitude profile, a harbor handbook, sport layers for divers and canoeists, AIS layers, gauge layers, Wikipedia layers, a trip planner, a tool to email a map view with markers and text, and of course an overview of uploaded depth tracks.


Facebook logo (square).png is a fresh new page with news and tips.


OpenSeaMap published in:

Hydro International
Hydrographic News
and many more...

Fairs and congresses

OpenSeaMap can often be found at:

"boot" Düsseldorf

And from time to time at:

State of the Map


We distribute information "top-down" to the appropriate platforms:



Everything that is of interest to the general public is documented in Wikipedia. This is the only way our knowledge reaches the whole world. A lot of things just need a little encyclopedic writing, then they are excellent for Wikipedia. We are the experts on sea charts and nautical knowledge. Let's share it with the rest of the world!

Examples: OpenSeaMap, GPS, AIS, ENC, etc. Code for links here on the wiki: [[wikipedia:en:..|..]].


image example
Commons is the largest free image database in the world. All images stored there can be linked directly in any media wiki. All images from Wikipedia come from Commons. So let's upload all images directly to Commons, then they will be available worldwide. "CC0" is recommended as the freest possible license.

Examples: our images


Openstreetmap logo.svg
Anything that might be of interest to OSMers is documented in the OSM-Wiki.
OpenSeaMap is part of OpenStreetMap.

Examples: our tagging scheme, keys and values, quality tools, general OSM keys for objects on land.

Help pages

Specific help pages and HowTo's aimed at users, explaining the full screen map and individual OpenSeaMap applications,
are stored in the OpenSeaMap Wiki.

The wiki here serves only as a "text repository". The individual pages are linked directly on the website, full screen map, in applications or in manuals.
Examples: Trip planer, Integrate OpenSeaMap into Website, Integrate Marker into URL

Developer doc

Everything concerning developers, their code, planning, research, development, interfaces, applications and background information
is stored in the OpenSeaMap-dev wiki.

Results from discussions on the dev-ML are also recorded on the OpenSeaMap-dev wiki.


OpenSeaMap code is stored in GitHub.

Please report bug reports, enhancement requests and ideas as "issue" in GitHub, please in the appropriate repository each time.
Patches are especially welcome!



Users post their questions in the forum. There is a subforum for each topic, in German and in English. The goal is that users exchange their experiences and learn with and from each other. One finds there also information to users and answers from developers.