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Marker with text

By the tool Marker in URL you can save the current state of the full screen map as a URL and pass it on to third parties. The center of the image, the selected zoom level, and the activated layers are saved. In addition, a marker with a descriptive text can be saved.

The URL can be sent by e-mail or used as a link on websites.

When the user opens this link, he sees the same chart section: size of the section, center of the chart, zoom level, view of the layers, the marker in the correct position, and by clicking on the marker the corresponding description will pop up.

Open the permalink tool

Open the tool "Permalink" in the menu "Tools".

You can always see your current link at the bottom in the "URL" field.
To mark the URL click in the field. The URL can now be copied to the clipboard (eg press [Ctrl-c])

Set a Marker

Tool "Permalink"

To mark a specific position, you can set a marker.

As long as the tool "Permalink" is open, you can mark a position by clicking on the map.
The further you zoom in, the more accurate you can position the marker.
Then zoom out again to select the favoured map section.
Each additional click restores the marker.

The link will be automatically adjusted in the URL field after each change.

Add text

You can add a text that will be displayed at the marker in a speech bubble.

To do this, write the text to be displayed in the "Permalink" tool into the text window.
Allowed are letters and numbers (including umlauts, spaces and special characters).

HTML code is not allowed.

What Code
Bold   <b>Bold</b>  
Line break   <Return>

The link will be automatically adjusted in the URL field after each change.

Determine map section

Slide and zoom the map until you see the matching neckline.

The link is automatically adjusted in the URL text area after each change.

Select layers

The layers can be selected and put together as you like.

The link will be automatically adjusted in the URL field after each change.

Permalink without marker

To get a permalink without a marker, there is a faster way:

  • Select the map section at the desired zoom level and the layers to be displayed.
  • Click on "Permalink" in the lower right corner of the map.
  • Your link is now visible in the address bar of the browser.

To copy the permalink into the dashboard you have two possibilities. Either you right-click on "Permalink" in the bottom right corner. A window will open where you can click on "copy the link address". Or you mark and copy the Permalink in the address bar of the browser as usual.

Workaround for a marker without text

A bug in the tool prevents a marker from being displayed without text.

Here is a quick workaround:

Markers visible
Hidden marker

The difference lies in the 2nd position in the layer string. (T vs F)

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