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OruxMaps shows OpenSeaMap on Android tablets as online and offline charts (by cache).
The navigation software shows the ship position, GPS data. Routing on roads.
Alternatively to the internal GPS an external GPS can be used via Bluetooth.



Latest Dev-Version

Select chart

Works with Version 5.6

OpenSeaMap you can select in the chart list.

Each view of the chart will be stored in cache.
From the cache this charts are usable offline.

auf Kartensymbol klicken
Click to the chart symbol in the right upper corner
for opening the menu list.
Karte laden
Click to "Map load".
On the left side you see the list of available charts.
Karte auswählen
Select OpenSeaMap & Base map (scroll down in the list).


For OpenSeaMap there is a special nautical version of OruxMaps.

The Split-Screen shows navigation data from ship electronic.
This NMEA-data can be shown via Bluetooth or WLAN:

NMEA Meaning Remarks
COG Couse over ground
SOG Speed over ground
AIS Ship positions with course and speed
AWA Apparent wind direction
AWS Apparent wind speed
TWA True wind direction
TWS True wind speed
DBS Water depth below surface
XTE Cross track error against waypoint
Configuration -> AIS-NMEA



Like a chart plotter OruxMaps shows the Nautical chart at left, and the navigation data at right.
The layout of the data display is editable.

Menü > Einstellungen > Aussehen > Verschiedenes > Seitlicher Trip-Computer --> einschalten

Wird nur angezeigt, wenn screen im landscape format ist.
Wenn der Split-Screen nicht angezeigt wird, kann er über das rechte Menü
mit dem Icon "<[" (Pfeil + rechteckige Klammer) ein/aus-geschaltet werden.

Context sensitive menus on top, bottom and side can be showed on demand.

Waypoints and routes

Waypoints and routes sind möglich.

Navigation data via WLAN

By the WLAN-Logger you can transmit navigation data from the ships electronic via WLAN to the Android tablet. OruxMaps shows the navigation data directly on the chart: course, speed, wind, waterdepth, position, etc.

This works with all devices using WLAN.

Logging Waterdephts

The WLAN-Logger can directly log waterdepths.


Handbuch für Version 5.0.4, sehr ausführlich