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There are several sources for our harbour layer. Actually there is no way to automatically merge duplicates together. This site is misused as a manual merging table.

Identifier Description
OSM OpenStreeMap / OpenSeaMap
SG Skipper Guide
WPI World Port Index

The harbour service will fetch the mappings from this site every hour.

How To Use It

If you find a harbour which has more than one icon and popup and you are sure it is the same, do the following steps:

  • Check the references on the first icon (e.g. OSM(N431044262))
  • Check the references on the second icon (e.g. SG(3238))
  • Sign in on this wiki page.
  • Edit the Mappings below and add the mapping to the correct group (e.g. [SG:OSM]).
  • Wait at least one hour and review your mappings on the online map. The harbours should be merged.


  • Do not change the stucture of this page. Only edit the mappings.
  • Be careful when editing the mappings. The harbour service has no range checks at the moment.


3238 N431044262
5433 N1803688762
5432 N1854718122
5381 N1854708269
5379 N309749662

30780 N431044262