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Mobile apps needs a split screen:

Chart at left side
Navigation data at right side

For an optimal workflow, we need a specific userfriendly "look and feel" for chart, nav data and menu.


Split screen left side, 80%

Navigation data

Split screen right side, 20%

Data from NMEA ship navigation by WLAN
(alternatively by internal GPS)

data prio Nav WPT en de remarks
BRG 1 x bearing Peilung zum Ziel
HDG 1 x heading Steuerkurs
COG 1 x course over ground Kurs über Grund
SOG 1 x speed over ground Geschwindigkeit über Grund
STW 1 x speed through water Geschwindigkeit durch Wasser
DBS 1 x depth below surface Tiefe unter Wasserspiegel alternative DBT, DBK, DEPTH
ETA 1 x estimated time of arrival Ankunftszeit s.a. ETE
XTE 1 x cross track error Kursabweichung [m]
VMG 1 x velocity made good Geschwindigkeit zum Ziel
ETE 2 x estimated time of elapsed Zeit bis Ankunft (Reisezeit) s.a. ETA
AWS 2 x apparent wind speed Scheinbare Windgescheindigkeit
AWA 2 x apparent wind angle Scheinbare Windrichtung
TWS 3 x true wind speed Windgeschwindigkeit wahr
TWA 3 x true wind angle Windrichtung wahr
SAT 3 x satellites in view sichtbare Satelliten
LOG 3 x status of NMEA-logging Betriebszustand des NMEA-Loggers ein / aus / ...
HDOP 4 x horizontal dilution of precision horizontale GPS-Genauigkeit
WPT BRG 4 x course to next waypoint Kurs bis nächster WP
DTW 4 x distance to next waypoint Distanz bis nächster WP
TTW 4 x time to next waypoint Zeit bis nächster WP

Ship position


A ship-cursor shows the position in the center of the chart.
When the ship is not in motion, the cursor switch to a standard-cursor (or to another colour).
Ship-cursor directed to the course.
Dashed line marks the stearing yourse (optional switch off/on).



Rubber band cursor from ship position
with crosshair-cursor
display of course and distance from ship position to cursor,
and coordinate of cursor (copy of coordinate to clipboard).

Measuring tool

1. set a starting point
2. move the crosshair-cursor (works like rubberband-cursor)
setting a target point keeps the line on the chart


Navi data

Menu button on bottom at left side corner
Context sensitive menu on left side
Context sensitive menu on bottom


  • Splitscreen with chart and Navi-data
  • Search
  • Rubber band cursor with cursor context menu


  • Goto Cursor (virual Waypoint)
  • Goto Waypoint (from list)
  • use Route


  • set and name Waypoints
  • edit Waypoints
  • delete Waypoints


  • set and name Routes
  • add Waypoints to Routes
  • set and name Waypoints
  • edit Routes
  • delete Routes


  • Units
dd,ddd° | dd°mm,m'
nm | km
UTC | local time
  • Path
for Maps
for NMEA-Logfiles
for Waypoints and Routes
  • Logger
on | off
start new file
  • Display
Navigation (which data to display)
Chart (North-up | Head-up)
Layers (AIS, Radar, Fish-Finder, etc)