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In Jail 't1'

Install rsync.

portmaster -d -B net/rsync

Add user who is able to upload static tiles.

pw groupadd <username>
pw useradd <username> -g <username> -G wheel -m -s /bin/csh
install -d -g <username> -o <username> -m 700 /home/<username>/.ssh
install -g <username> -o <username> -m 400 /dev/null /home/<username>/.ssh/authorized_keys

Make tile dir.

mkdir /tiles
install -d -g <username> -o <username> -m 755 /tiles/seamark

On Host

To mount tiles into jail 'proxy' add an entry to the fstab file.

vi /etc/fstab.proxy
  /usr/jails/t1/tiles  /usr/jails/proxy/tiles  nullfs  ro  0  0

Create directory and mount it.

mkdir /usr/jails/proxy/tiles 
mount -t nullfs /usr/jails/t1/tiles /usr/jails/proxy/tiles

In Jail 'proxy'

Add virtual host to web server configuration.

vi /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  server {
      listen       80;
      location / {
          root /tiles;
          expires 10m;

Reload service.

service nginx reload