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Host Name echo
IP Address -
Admin Contact
Operating System Debian GNU/Linux 7.4 (wheezy)
Access for maintainers only
Sponsor -
Processor 2x4Core Xeon
Memory 16 GB
Storage 2 TB
Traffic Quota
RSA Key Fingerprint
  • calculating offline charts (Garmin, KAP, AT5, etc)
  • rendering tiles
  • rendering Sport-Layer

planned: mirror of Bravo

Echo is reachable via SSH to port 22001 on charlie. The tunnel is administered by Daniel Baur <> and needs to be restored manually after charlie is rebooted.

Installierte Software

Software Version Bemerkungen


2016-11 Setup neuer Server
2015-11 Setup zusätzliche Win-VM
2015-04 +1,4 TB HDD
2014-04 Setup