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Host Name
IP Address
Admin Contact
Architecture amd64
Operating System Debian
Access public
Sponsor KNF
Processor i5-4460
Memory 24 GB
Storage Raid1 2x2TB plus 256G SSD
Traffic Quota unlimited
ECDSA Key Fingerprint SHA256:33rljApI9nKiFTjZevwOy8JZWCJ5V9I1aeANBO48VMs
  • map
  • forum
  • static tiles
  • download layer for offline maps


Name URL Description
proxy - Proxy
forum Web forum
map Online map
t1 Static tiles [1] example:
test online chart V2 development preview for (latest preview:

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Storage paths

Volume Size
/var/lib/docker 250 GB
/var/data 420 GB
Path Comment
/var/data/tiles Root of
/var/data/tiles/seamark/ Root for seamark tiles
/var/data/tiles/sport/ Root for sport tiles


Group Comment
tiles write access to /var/data/tiles
docker access to docker daemon (can be used to gain root rights!)
sudo root


What Path/Command Included in backup
tiles /var/data/tiles/* Nok.png
forum data docker run --volumes-from fluxbb-data -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/backup.tar /data (see also: Nok.png


2012-12 Setup and running by Dominik.

2013-09 Monitoring

2014-01 Expanded to 3 GB RAM

2015-12 End of the sponsoring by Dominik. Old server data

2015-12 New server setup by Jörg (KNF) and Axel

2022-11 Update from debian 8 to debian 9