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Please use NATO Phonetic Alphabet to name servers.

Hostname Operating System Sponsor Purpose Status Access FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE (amd64) (developer)
  • www [planned]
  • map
  • wiki [planned]
  • forum
  • static tiles (t1)
up public Linux 2.6.32 (amd64) (company)
  • base layer (t2)
up public Debian, x86-64 (developer)
  • Website
  • Wiki
  • harbor
up public Linux 2.6.32 (amd64) KNF
  • bathymetric tile renderer (t3)
  • depth
  • api
up public Debian GNU/Linux 7.4 (wheezy) (company)
  • Garmin chart computing
  • Offline charts computing
  • Sport-layer computing
up closed (developer)
  • Seamark-layer computing
up closed
  • dns
  • dev
up public Debian, x86-32 (developer)

redirects to charlie until DNS gets updated

up closed Debian, x86-64 (developer)
  • tiles (sports layer)
  • shared database (mysql)
  • VM host (charlie)
up restricted


Service Host Maintainer
api Jens
depth Jens, Martin
forum Helge, Dominik
map Dominik
t1 Malcolm, Dominik
t2 Dominik
t3 Martin, Jens

Tile Server

Layer Server URL Status
Base{z}/{x}/{y}.png migration in progress (DNS record missing)
Sea Marks{z}/{x}/{y}.png up
Sports{z}/{x}/{y}.png deprecated, not updated, DNS change in progress
Sports{z}/{x}/{y}.png up

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2009-02 Olaf started with his own Strato V-server.
2009-07 Matthias sponsored and setup a web, wiki and harbour server and first dev-ML.
2011-04 Malcolm sponsored and setup a server for seamark rendering.
2011-07 KNF sponsored "Delta" for water-depths.
2011-11 we got our base-map rendering and tile server "Bravo". Dominik did the setup.
2012-12 Dominik sponsored and setup "Alpha".
2013-02 Matthias expand the web, wiki, harbour server
2013-09 Malcolm expand the seamark rendering server
2013-09 Dirk implemented a monitoring.
2014-04 Matthias sponsored "Charlie" (replacing the old webserver).
2014-05 Admin-ML
2014-05 Goverment sponsers "Echo"