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OpenSeaMap-code is admistered at


  1. every theme/topic has its own repository
  2. every repository has its own repository-team
  3. members of a repository-team have write permission
  4. in repository "general" all OpenSeaMap-devs have write permission, currently the repository itself is empty and only the issue tracker is used
  5. by default all OpenSeaMap-devs are member of the "general" team and receive notifications when new issues are created
  6. every repository has a maintainer who should take care of commits, branches, pull requests, etc.

If you like to become member of a team, or if you need a new repository:

How to contribute

  • Grant repository access only to very few people.
    If anyone can push changes, there will be a mess and the quality will decrease.
  • People who like to support the project should fork the repository,
    create a clean commit (with a reference to the issue in its description)
    and then create a pull request.
  • Pull requests allow the maintainer of the repository to do a review and comment unclear things.
  • Bugs and features have to be added to the issue list in the corresponding repository.

Editing code






Every repository has a maintainer:

No Repository Maintainer Remarks
1 android-ais-openseamap-plotter Victor
2 android-app-openseamapviewer Victor
3 android-app-osmand
4 at5-chart Alexej
5 chart-designer Alexej
6 depth_api Jens
7 depth_webfrontend Jens
8 garmin Alexej
9 gauges
10 general all together Currently only the issue tracker is used.
11 harbour-database
12 ios-app-openseamap Helge Repo is empty...
13 josm Malcolm
14 logger-oseam-0183 Wilfried
15 logger-tplink-0183 Victor Repo is empty...
16 online_chart Dominik
17 renderer Malcolm
18 tidal-scale
19 tide-prediction Alexej
20 website Maintainer for content: Markus
.. [ ]