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'JOSM' is a powerful tool to edit all elements of the map with high precision.

A 'plugin' helps you add nautical information to be rendered on the OpenSeaMap overlay. Seamark objects are chosen from drop-down menus and specifications can be entered manually. Only choices relavent to objects will be shown. A validity check will be performed before saving.


The JOSM editor is installed from the OpenStreetMap JOSM page

The SeaMap plugin is installed by opening the Preferences dialogue and selecting the Plugin tab. Scroll down until the "toms" item is found and click the checkbox. Then click "OK". JOSM will then have to re-started for the plugin to be installed.

As an aid to SeaMap editing, a set of seamark images can be loaded that will show on the main map display. These are also installed from the preferences dialogue: select the Map Settings tab and from within select the "Map Paint Styles" tab. Select the OpenSeaMap item and then click "Activate".


In order to edit the map, you must register a user account.