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Version vom 11. September 2021, 18:45 Uhr

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Empfohlene Programme

Die folgenden Navigations-Apps und Programme empfehlen wir:

Name Android iOS Win Linux OSX Kostenlos Kosten oder Lizenz Link
OsmAnd Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Kosten für Kartengebiete, Länder oder Kontinente [1]
OruxMaps Ok.png Ok.png
OpenSeaMap Ok.png Ok.png Kosten für einige Extras [2]
OpenSea Ok.png Ok.png [3]
mySeaMap Ok.png Ok.png at github in Froum
Maps3D Ok.png Ok.png [4]
Go Map!! Ok.png Ok.png [5]
GPS-32 Ok.png Ok.png free for use with OSM and OpenSeaMap [6]
openCPN Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png [7]
OpenSeaMapViewer Ok.png Ok.png [8]
AISOSeaMPlotter Ok.png Ok.png [9]
Software logger Ok.png Ok.png [10]
AVNAV RaspberryPi web browser web browser web browser Ok.png web browser Ok.png [11] Kartenserver, NMEA-multiplexer, access-point
Freeboard RaspberryPi web browser web browser web browser Ok.png web browser Ok.png [12] Kartenserver, NMEA-multiplexer, access-point, Autopilot
AVNAV Android Ok.png Ok.png [13] AVNAV RaspberryPi fork
JOSM Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png [14] Auf den Computer laden via OpenWebStart
Kostenfrei = App und OpenSeaMap sind Verfügbar und können kostenfrei genutzt werden
Kosten oder Lizenz = jegliche zusätzlichen Kosten, Begrenzung der kostenfreien Nutzung oder spezielle Lizenz

App and program technical features and usage:

Name Offline Vector NMEA WP Logger Routing Updates Experience
OsmAnd Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png roads, hiking, navigation (not fully functional), direct line ca. 1/month, vector data server 'Navigation' mode setting now including nm display, offline OpenSeaMap can be combined with satellite image background, many features for optimised display and functions, two tap target setting can be used for simple waypoint navigation and POB marking, unfortunately often unstable, e.g. with track recording, uses a lot of battery power if it gets out of power saving mode, significant (1 month) delay in tag updates
OruxMaps ? Ok.png Ok.png
OpenSeaMap Cache minutes, when reloading tiles (delete cache) very good display, rich in detail, most immediate (few minutes) update of OSM tags after cache and tile reload
OpenSea Cache minutes, when reloading tiles (delete cache) good combination of satellite image and OpenSeaMap tags
mySeaMap Cache minutes, when reloading tiles (delete cache) very good display of position coordinates, seems to be unavailable in App Store 8/2021 but continues to work very fine on iphone
Maps3D Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png roads, hiking ca. 1/month, download of map tiles for area of interest OpenSeaMap works very well with previous OpenSeaMap tile download for offline availability (not visible on website, but OpenSeaMap is available in the app). Make sure you download the right areas and detail. Efficient overall GPS features, also energy efficient including track recording
Go Map!! Cache via option "prepare for offline" Ok.png immediate, direct OSM database download (delete cache) no dedicated OpenSeaMap view but perfect for access to complete OSM keys and information background for any OSM tag of sepecial interest, e.g. buoy or light sector details, additional OSM descriptions or notes on harbours or anchorages, powerful for OSM tag updates or adding
GPS-32 ? Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png
openCPN Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png
OpenSeaMapViewer ? Ok.png
AISOSeaMPlotter ? Ok.png Ok.png
Software logger ? Ok.png Ok.png
AVNAV RaspberryPi ? Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png
Freeboard RaspberryPi ? Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png
AVNAV Android ? Ok.png Ok.png Ok.png
JOSM Cache via saving OSM data or entire sessions Ok.png immediate, direct OSM database download JOSM gives the most complete and direct access to the OSM database and all related vector information. Updates and addition of new seamark features can efficiently be made by the help of seamap templates (load Seamark and INT-1 Tagging Presets). You can set INT-1 chart display of seamarks and download satellite and aerial images as backgrounds. This combination allows a joint screen display, in which detailed sea ground features at the coast become visible. JPG saving of screenshots can serve for taking detailed harbour and anchorage charts on board. Take care to copy the scale indicated in the top left corner. Some colour adjustment of the JPG image (e.g. 50% contrast, 200% saturaton) can highlight spots with sand, rock and seagrass close to the coast.

Moste of these programs store charts at least into the cache and have some nautical features.

Offline = map can be used offline
Vector = there are vector charts
NMEA: there is a split-screen where you can display NMEA data via WLAN
WP = you can set way points and build routes
Logger = you can log waterdepths
Routing = you can use it for route planning
Updates = time and method for updating new seamark data
Experience = user practical experiences and notes



AT5 charts (Lowrance, Simrad and B&G)


Commercial programs we recommend:

Program Android iOS Win Costs Vector NMEA WayP Logger Routing Remarks
Rivers & Seas x 30 € inland waterways

Web (online)

Program WayP Geolocate Query feat. Routing Remarks Ok.png weather, marinetraffic, gauging stations, wikipedia, ...
BSHViewer BSH layers
OpenRiverboatMap Ok.png Ok.png inland waterways Ok.png Ok.png inland waterways (EU)
Routino Ok.png(waterways) inland waterways (EU)