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Please help us to translate OpenSeaMap into multiple languages.

Translation of

The Website is bult in Typo3, written in German and translated to English. From English it is translated to French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic. If you like to help translating, you are welcome in our translator team! and you will get a Typo3-login. Please call us by our Contact page.

Short introduction to Typo3

After reading Parts 1.2 to 1.6 you know the most important things about working with this CMS:

Short tutorial


How do I create translations of pages?

  1. Log in Typo3-Backend and select in left column module WEB PAGE.
    Right beside the module list you can see now the page tree.
  2. Open the page tree to find the page you want to edit.
  3. In page tree click the name(!) of the page you want to translate.
  4. Right beside the page tree you will now see an overview of all content elements in selected page.
  5. Above content area you can find two select boxes. You have 2 options:


If you want to edit existing content in your language:

  1. Select in left box "Columns".
  2. Then, choose in right box your language.
    In the list you can find a default and optional other languages.
    The default language is always the first language of the website. For OpenSeaMap this means "german".
  3. After selecting your language, you can edit the existing content elements or create new ones in this page.

Generate new Page

If you have to generate a new translation for a page:

  1. Select in left box "Languages".
  2. If your language version of the page does still not exist, Typo3 offers to create a translation.
  3. Enter a page name, this will be the menu title, then save & close the page form.
  4. Now you see the language in columns side by side.
    You can insert the content in your language version by hand.
    Or you can copy the content from the default language (i.e. german) and edit/translate it.

Translation of

The web pages of the frontend of are built in HTML, written in German and translated to English. From English it can be translated to other languages. The Code is stored at GitHub.

  1. Create a GitHub account if you haven't done that yet
  2. Create a fork of the depth.frontend on GitHub from
    Shwan did this for Malay language on his account
  3. Create a src/translations/XX.json (where XX is the ISO country code)
    Shawn did this for Malay here
  4. Translate the HTML templates found in src/js/templates/ with the appropriate language code
    Shawn did this for Malay here
  5. Add the language to the drop down menu so it may be chosen
  6. Merge this into our master repository via GitHub (done by us)

Translation of OpenSeaMap-Wiki

See in this Wiki all pages in the Category:Translate:de and in Category:Translate:en which need to be translated. There you will find a HowTo with Wiki-Syntax.

Nautical Terms

see English Deutsch Français Español Italiano Русский عربي
Weather Air pressure Luftdruck Pression atmosphérique Presión atmosférica Pressione dell'aria Атмосферное давление
Weather Precipitation Niederschlag Précipitation Precipitación Precipitazione Осадки
Weather Temperature Temperatur Température Temperatura Temperatura Температура
Weather Time Zeit Temps Tiempo Ora Время
Weather Wave height Wellenhöhe Hauteur de vague Altura de onda Altezza dell’onda Высота волны
Map Weather Wetter Météo Meteo Meteo Погода
Weather Wind Wind Vent Viento Vento Ветер