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Densitometric scanning was carried out utilizing Camag TLC Scanner III between wavelength of 200-450nm with a slit dimension of 6.00 x 0.30mm, with scanning velocity of 20nm/s, and knowledge resolution was at 100µm/ step. After the scanning, pictures of the plate had been taken by utilizing completely different wavelength of lights 254 nm and 366nm with the help of Photo documentation system of Camag. Quantitative and qualitative analysis was performed with the help of HPTLC instrument. Euphoria longan have been authenticated and physico chemical and phytochemical analysis showed presence of glycosides, tannins saponins, protein, lignin, terpenes, phlobatannins and flavonoids and HPTLC confirmed presence of glycosides, tannins saponins in Euphoria longan leaves.

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