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The Online-Editor helps collecting nautical information. Having a special frontend you can easily select every important information from lists and graphics, or you can type them into input elements. There will only be choices if they are needed. Before saving the information will be proofed to avoid senseless inputs.

Sign Up

You have to be logged in to work with the Online-Editor.

Therefore you need an OpenStreetMap-Account. This account is used by OpenSeaMap as well.

After logging in the first time your computer is able to remember yout account and your password. Anyway you should write down your login-data and take it to your trip to use the Editor from other computers (e.g. in an internet café).


The world is divided up into two regions where waterways (lateral tons ((Lateral-Tonnen))) are marked in a different way:

IALA-A Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and most of Asia
IALA-B North America, South America, Philippines, Japan and Korea.

When logging in look out for the correct region. Then there will only be the attributes for navigation marks used in this region.

At the moment it's only possible to edit IALA-A.


When you don't have a OpenStreetMap-Account so far, click the "sign up"-link (("Benutzerkonto erstellen")). You have to enter you email-adress twice, but it won't be shown in public. It is for the authentification of your registration and for contacting you over a web-form. Choose a username. It is possible that your choice is already in use, then you have to try a different one. Then you have to enter a password twice. It has to be minimum 8 characters, but it should not be used anywhere else, as it is transferred unencrypted.

By clicking "Register" you approve, that all your geo-data you commit to OpenStreetMap or OpenSeaMap is released worldwide under the CC-by-SA-License.

Shortly after clicking the button, you will receive a confirmation email to your named email-adress. You have to finish your registration by clicking the link in the email. Now you can use the Editor.

Forgotten Password

When you forgot your password you can let it be sent to your email-adress. Therefore you have to visit, click on "login" and then "password forgotten?". Type in the email-adress you used for registration and then you will receive an email with a link where you can choose a new password.