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The adage is "practice makes perfect", and nowhere is this adage more appropriate than in the reading learning process. Anyone who wishes to improve their reading speed is going to have to practice over prolonged periods.

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Which Are the Best Speed Reading Books? “The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program” by Stanley D. Frank. This book emphasises a layered reading approach. The book and examples focus on students and using these techniques as part of a study process.

One of the tips for people who wish to read more quickly is to review the important parts of the material first before starting to read. A technique of how to read faster is to scan these areas first: the title, the summary or the introduction, the table of contents, etc. By having an idea of the actual material prior to reading, you’ll be able to increase reading speed.

Another way you can increase reading speed is to only read during times or schedules where you’re most focused or when you have a clearer mind. For instance, there are some people who read better a couple of hours after they’ve woken up, and some who read better after taking an afternoon nap. Some individuals, on the other hand, read more effectively after dinner. To improve your reading, find out which reading schedule suits you best, and stick to it.

There are some people who are fearful of the tarot cards and perhaps this is because of old fashioned myths about the cards.  A good psychic, clairvoyant or tarot reader should not instil fear and they should explain the cards to you so that you understand the true meaning.  You should not be left wondering if the death card means that you are going to meet death or that the hanged man means that you are going to have a long and slow death.  The pictures on the card will have some symbolic meaning and could in fact mean the opposite to what you see.  The death card for example could mean the ending of a situation which you would be happy to foreclose in your life and the beginning of something new.  The hanged man could indicate that you are in a state of limbo with a particular situation in your life.   A good tarot reader should be able to explain things in the way that I have to give you full understanding and peace of mind.

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You don't have to practice everyday- Focuses on practical application rather than theory
The product also carries some interesting testimonials on how others benefited from the program. Here are a few:

Freemind and XMind are pretty good Open Source software, which you can install and use to make notes. It can also be used for brainstorming, outlining a project, a project report and I even use it for presentations.

If I take one concept at a time, or one paragraph at a time and, in real time, categorise this topic and put it in conjunction with other topics, I would have made a better imprint in my mind. Add to this some colour, some squiggles, some cartoons and some highlighting, then I am interested in and looking forward to what the lecturer is going to say (of the book is talking about) so that I can make more squiggles and create something Picasso-ish (or maybe Pollock-ish).

PhotoReading is similar to Speed Reading, however it emphasises having the unconscious mind take in the information at speeds of around 25,000 wpm and then activating the information by asking relevant questions.

Understand why you want to read the book. What is it that you want from it? Is it just the concepts? Or is it to prepare for an exam? What type of exam is it? Therefore what do you need to extract from the book.

You should be able to relate to the information and you must clarify anything that you cannot relate to and come with a very open mind.  A good tarot reader, clairvoyant or psychic will allow you to ask questions at various points in the reading and they will be professional. 

In addition to the enhanced display technology, the new Kindle also boasts a perfectly sleek design that can help make handling and storing a lot more convenient. In fact, the device’s overall size is so small and compact that it can literally fit in your back pocket. The battery life is also another aspect that you should take a look at. With the Wi-Fi turned off, the new Kindle can last up to 60 days with just a single charge. That is how economical and eco-friendly this device has become since its first introduction in 2007.

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