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Reading in layers (or levels), including browsing the information before starting, doing a high level overview and even a second read-through when finished, can improve your speed, comfort and comprehension. This layered approach may seem repetitive or slow, however it results overall in a massive increase in effectiveness and decrease in time spent reading a particular piece of material.

The high tech E ink screen enables you to view texts with higher contract and sharpness.
The kindle store offers over 810, 000 books, magazines, blogs and other reading materials for cheap.
This high tech reading device provides faster page turns, better fonts, verity in font sizes and more.
Light in weight, easy to handle with large space in storage.
It provides longer battery life. Once charged it can run for one month if used with wire.
Its paper like screen helps you read in bright sunlight conditions.

Speed Reading is a process of training your eye to move faster across the page, turning pages faster and learning about how the brain works. Using these techniques, you can become comfortable with new reading speeds and understand how your brain can absorb and comprehend the information at a higher rate.

But similar to almost every electronic devices today, the new Kindle wireless reading device is capable of much more than just opening eBooks. The new features that come with the new Kindle have significantly improved the device’s functionality. With its improved memory storage, book collectors can now store a wide selection of eBooks in their device. And with the added Wi-Fi capability, you can purchase and download eBooks in less than 60 seconds. Think about all the gas mileage you’ll be able to save.

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PhotoReading is similar to Speed Reading, however it emphasises having the unconscious mind take in the information at speeds of around 25,000 wpm and then activating the information by asking relevant questions.

While online technology and moving device are becoming hot and easy-to-use, more and more people towards reading onscreen since reading digitally would bring us more convenience and funny. For example, a new 3D technology is used in a kind of digital book which impressive lots of readers! We can see the whole development of the digital reading history. At the beginning, people always read simply with TXT document since it is with smaller size and many readers are support to open it. However, it is so limited because it has no pictures, hyperlinks, tables and people just can deliver their article without other elements on TXT document. Now, numerous e-book formats emerged and proliferated, some supported by major software companies such as Adobe?with its?PDF?format, and others supported by independent and open-source programmers. PDF brings great convenience to us because its diversified contents. However, PDF is also limited with its un-allowable editing feature. Acture, Flipping book, a kind of new digital publication which is made by page flip software, it is used the advantage of PDF and make up the limitation of PDF to improve reading and publishing functions according to some readers?¯ needs.I am a freshman at Michigan State University and I just purchased your program and my speed went from 200 words per minute to nearly 460 per minute.
- Rob Viola
If you are a student then you can get better grades if you read faster. As a matter of fact, regardless of your profession, the ability to read faster will increase your productivity.

If I take one concept at a time, or one paragraph at a time and, in real time, categorise this topic and put it in conjunction with other topics, I would have made a better imprint in my mind. Add to this some colour, some squiggles, some cartoons and some highlighting, then I am interested in and looking forward to what the lecturer is going to say (of the book is talking about) so that I can make more squiggles and create something Picasso-ish (or maybe Pollock-ish).

How Can I Increase My Reading Speed? With the right instruction, learning to increase your reading speed can be fun and easy. This article compares three books on the subject of Speed Reading/Photo Reading.

For reading-speed improvement, it is also very important that you find an area with no distractions, is quiet, and is comfortable enough for reading. This is one of the speed reading techniques that some people disregard, which they should not. If the spot you’re reading in is full of loud noise and distractions, how can you increase reading speed? If you want to learn how to read faster, better make sure that you read in a comfortable and quiet spot.

The adage is "practice makes perfect", and nowhere is this adage more appropriate than in the reading learning process. Anyone who wishes to improve their reading speed is going to have to practice over prolonged periods.