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Also, they guarantee you a memorable, safe and trouble-free go to to Nepal. Tourist Police is a particular unit of Nepal Police that works to make sure snug go to of tourists in Nepal. The excessive altitude trek demands arduous works and lots of vitality. A lot of historical buildings, statues, and temples collapsed throughout the earthquake. The famous trekking areas in Nepal together with Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, and Rara remained unaffected by the earthquake. With the re-constructing of virtually every trekking infrastructures, trekking in Nepal is secure now after the Gorkha Earthquake. Only the secure ones are operating now. Are they safe to accommodate on? Are High Altitude Treks in Nepal Safe to Do? The right way to Feel Safer as a Solo Traveler/Trekker in Nepal? However, you should be extra cautious whereas choosing your trek information if you are a solo female trekker. You will need to prepare hard for the treks earlier than you go. The Everest Base Camp trek, a excessive altitude trek is probably the most well-known treks in Nepal

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